Gargantilla en Plata de Ley con Pirita
Gargantilla en Plata de Ley con Pirita
Gargantilla en Plata de Ley con Pirita

Pyrite Silver Choker

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This unique necklace is made in polished sterling silver and has three or five small natural Pyrites. Choose your favorite version.

Pyrite name comes from the Greek word "Pyr", which means fire, because in prehistoric time this stone was used to create fire. Pyrite contributes to the achievement of ones objectives; promotes sagacity and determines forces. This stone represents wealth, power and prosperity. It attracts money and its also an excellent shield against negative energy.

  • Pyrite
  • Sterling Silver
  • Handmade by Peruvian artisans

Please note, each unique piece is individually hand-crafted, so it may slightly vary from the image featured.

Sissai is a brand committed to the development of responsible artisanal mining in Peru. And the first Fairmined jewelry brand licensee in Peru.

From the beginning, Ximena and Pamela, the creative designers behind Sissai, have always wanted to create a brand that would have a positive impact on the development of their country.

Peru is a country rich in minerals but filled with illegal mining. So to make a change about this situation both sisters agreed that one of the brand fundamentals would be the traceability of the gold which they worked with.

The impact of illegal mining on the planet's biodiversity, and on the Peruvian Amazon is immeasurable. It is estimated that for every kilogram of gold mined illegally, 2.8 kilograms of mercury are used, which are handled without any control and with great risk. Additionally, alluvial mining has caused since 1985 the removal of almost 100,000 hectares of tropical forest in Madre de Dios, being 65% of this amount deforested between 2010 and 2017.

Today, approximately 50% of the gold mined in the world is used in jewelry pieces, however only 1% of this gold has a traceability certification that indicates the origin of the material used.

Fairmined is an international certification that guarantees environmental protection, decent and safe working conditions, in addition to responsible development for artisanal miners and their communities.

Today Fairmined is a very important ally for our brand and we are confident that with this alliance we will be able to create a positive impact, protecting the biodiversity of our planet and helping our customers to be more involved in their own purchasing process.