About Us

Ximena and Pamela Ceballos were born in Lima - Peru, both of them found in art a unique way to express and create new worlds. They choose different paths during their early careers, but it was during 2011 that art joined their worlds again through Sissai, a jewelry brand with unique style, which rescues various elements transforming them into pieces of jewelry with a unique message and concept.

In Peru there's an incredible jewelry heritage that reaches its peak with the Incas Empire and it was during this period that thousands of treasures and amazing stones were discovered by locals. Used as ornaments or as amulets during incredible rituals, jewelry was a key component of the Inca´s identity and culture.

Through Sissai the designers convey all these hidden treasures with contemporary trends, mixing the talent of Peruvian artisans with unique shapes, in order to create exclusive jewelry collections full of style and heritage.

Every collection has a unique inspiration and always highlights Peruvian stones as their main focus. Sissai jewelry is all made in 18kt Gold & Sterling Silver from Perú, one of the top producers of precious metals in the world.

During 2016 Sissai was established as the first Fairmined licensee in Perú and later in 2018   they obtain a supply of Peruvian Fairmined EcoGold, a standard that certifies the extraction of gold in an ecological way, always considering their main purpose, creating development in Peru and awareness about the protection of our biodiversity.