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Sissai Sustainable

We are a brand committed to sustainability through the materials and processes used in the making of our jewelry.

Not only have we created a responsible jewelry market in Peru, but we have also focused on maintaining a small environmental footprint, because of the artisanal processes used to manufacture our jewelry, handcrafted locally and 100% by Peruvian artisans.

Additionally, we recycle the materials that are lost in the making of each piece and we use recycled gold from our customers.


Sissai is a brand committed to the development of responsible artisanal mining in Peru and for more than five years, the first Peruvian jewelry company to work with Fairmined gold.

Since the beginning of Sissai, Ximena and Pamela, always wanted to create a brand that would generate a positive impact on the development of Peru.

Peru is a country rich in minerals but with a situation that coexists with illegal mining, which is why both sisters agreed that one of the priorities of the brand would be to establish the traceability of gold as a source of ethical supply.

The impact of illegal mining on the Peruvian Amazon and biodiversity is immeasurable. It is estimated that for every kilo of gold extracted illegally, 2.8 kilos of mercury are used. Additionally, alluvial mining has caused the removal of nearly 100,000 hectares of rainforest in Madre de Dios since 1985, with 65% of this amount deforested between 2010 and 2017.

Today, approximately 50% of the world's mined gold is used in jewelry, however only 1% of this gold is traceable.

Fairmined, is an international certification that guarantees environmental protection, dignified and safe working conditions, as well as responsible development for artisanal miners and their communities.

We are the first Peruvian jewelry brand to work with Fairmined Eco Gold

, since 2018

Fairmined Eco Gold certification means that the gold is extracted without the use of any chemicals such as mercury or cyanide. The gold is separated from the rest of the materials, only with the use of gravimetry, thus avoiding contamination of miners and water sources.

Today, Fairmined is a very important ally for our brand and we are sure that with this alliance we are generating a positive change, protecting the biodiversity of our planet and creating a consumer more involved with the impact of their purchasing decisions.

Development Projects

During 2019 we carry out several jewelry development projects. In Lima we worked with young people teaching them how to make jewelry. In Puno we worked with ARM to develop women miners and teach them the art of jewelry making. In this way we seek to share our experience, disseminating jewelry knowledge among stakeholders.