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The name is composed from “lapis” which means stone in Latin and “lazuli”, which comes from the Arabic term “allazjward” and means paradise.

Its story begins more than 6,500 years ago, being used by the inhabitants of Mesopotamia, China and Egypt. It was more valued than gold, because of its unique and deep color which was a symbol of purity, health, luck and nobility.

The lapis lazuli was used to decorate funerary masks of great Egyptian pharaohs. More tan 6,000 small statuettes of this beautiful stone were found in the Sumerian tombs of Ur.

It is also said that Cleopatra used it as powder to color her eyelids. Later in the middle age, renowned painters used it to create the radiant ultramarine color.

It is the stone of wisdom, truth and enlightment, giving clarity to our thoughts.