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Jewelry Care

02 May 2021

Joyas de Plata Pirita

We design jewelry to be worn every day and most of the jewelry we sell requires a little care. We do recommend taking off your jewelry when swimming, gardening, doing contact sports, seriously messy cooking, and moving heavy objects. Also it is really important to take it off before using any lotion or perfume. With that in mind, we are more than happy to give you some advice on how to keep your jewelry looking as good as new!

Gold & Diamonds

Our solid gold jewelry only requires periodic cleaning and will not tarnish or corrode. Mix a small amount of mild dish detergent with warm water in a bowl. Put the jewelry into the bowl and let sit for a few minutes. With the help of a soft toothbrush (like a baby tooth brush) gently scrub the jewelry. Remove the item from soapy water, rinse it and pat dry with a soft polishing cloth. You can also use a polishing kit for extra shine and to remove any tarnish. Avoid exposing gold jewelry to bleach, which will quickly cause gold to discolor and possibly damage.

You can also bring your Sissai jewelry to our stores and we will take it to our workshop to be cleaned.

Sterling Silver

Silver tarnishes quite quickly when it comes into contact with oxygen or sulfur, and the best way to prevent this is wearing your silver jewelry often. The oils in your skin help prevent tarnish. 

When storing your silver jewelry, use a small ziploc and if you can, put in a piece of chalk or a silica gel (the little packets in new shoes) – these will help prevent tarnish while you are not wearing your silver. If your silver is tarnished the best way to clean it is with a jewelry polishing cloth. 

Plated or Oxidized Sterling Silver

Avoid exposing jewelry to sunlight, humidity, and heat. Remove your jewelry before bathing or swimming. Chemicals such as chlorine can have lasting effects on your jewelry. Always, as we mentioned before, put your jewelry on after getting dressed to avoid contact with creams, perfumes, or cosmetics.

You should periodically clean your pieces using a polishing cloth or standard jewelry polish. 


Opals are very delicate stones, which require some special care to keep them looking it’s very best. Opals are fairly soft, also high in water content and porous, which causes them to be very sensitive to changes in climate, temperature, and humidity. 

We advise you not to wear your opals in extreme temperatures, during physical activities, and also, avoid contact with soap, water (pool and sea water included) and beauty products, otherwise their appearance and beauty would have a significant change.

Precious Stones

Each jewelry piece set with precious stones is delicate and can break if you drop or hit them. Diamonds are the ones that have the higher scale of hardness, being almost unbreakable, but there is no other gemstone as tough as the one mentioned before. Please take this information in consideration in order to take care of your beautiful gems and gemstones. Do not wear your gem jewelry in extreme temperatures, during physical activities, and also, avoid contact with soap, lotions, water (pool and sea water included) and household cleaners.