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    Claim book

    Data of the person filing the claim

    If your product was delivered, this information is necessary

    General information

    Detail of your claim

    (*) Minimum information required.

    Important: The data consigned in the rpesente document have been provided by the client, therefore they are truthful and of total agreement of the user.

    Claim: Disagreement related to products or services.

    Complaint dissatisfaction not related to the products or services or discomfort or dissatisfaction with the attention to the public.

    The formulation of the claim does not prevent resorting to other means of dispute resolution, nor is it a prerequisite for filing a complaint with INDECOPI.

    The provider must respond to the claim within a period not exceeding thirty (30) calendar days, being able to extend the period up to thirty (30) more days, prior communication to the consumer.

    Privacy notice about the complaints book.

    You are informed that in order to establish an effective and efficient means of communication to respond to your complaint or claim and, in the same way, comply with Law No. 29571 and the regulation on the claims book of the consumer protection and defense code , your personal data will be registered in the data bank called "Complaints Book" owned by Sissai Jewelry SAC (Hereinafter Sissai) company domiciled at Av. Los Conquistadores 560, San Isidro. Lima - Peru, for the period necessary to comply with the legal requirement or until the moment you request the deletion of your information.

    Likewise, Sissai communicates that the host services provided by the BlueHost company whose storage is hosted in the United States. Any variation of the order of personal data will be communicated to your email. It is specified that the user may exercise the rights contained in the Law on the protection of personal data by directing a free communication to the email

    Version of November 01, 2020.