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The time has come to choose a piece of jewelry with a very important meaning. In this space you can explore and know a little bit more that unique piece design specially for you.

Your jewelry's story

You are going to be able to learn more about the creation of that unique piece that will be with you forever.
Through Blockchain technology each one of our jewels will share the traceability of the materials used in their creation and all the process of making your piece of jewelry.


Engagement rings


Diamonds are symbol of union and purity. At Sissai we gather the beauty of these precious stones with delicate designs that you can customize.


A touch of color

Zafiros, Esmeraldas, Amatistas

Sapphires, Emeralds, Amethysts, etc…
choose your favorite as your main stone
to give a touch of color and modernity to your engagement ring. Dare to
discover the world of color with us.


Zafiros, Esmeraldas, Amatistas

Wedding bands

Symbol of union, wedding bands are part of a tradition that was born with Egyptians and nowadays it is still alive. Here you can know more about the styles that we have got for you.


Design your ring with us

If you’re thinking in a special design. We can create it together. Just send us an email to, and we’ll get in contact with you.

Nuestra inspiración es tu inspiración. 

De la mano de nuestras diseñadoras podrás crear el anillo perfecto para ti.

Podemos crear en conjunto con nuestro equipo de especialistas un diseño personalizado o una adaptación de nuestros diseños.

Something blue

Tells the tradition that a blue detail for the bride will forever seal the fidelity and love between the new couple. Discover here our most beautiful options.



A nice detail for your most intimate group of friends. Those that will accompany you always and at every moment of your wedding.